IDA Certification

We’re proud to announce that SS Detailing has gone though some rigorous testing and have been awarded the certified detailer designation. We take pride in the detailing profession by giving your vehicle the quality service that it deserves.

What Is The IDA?

The IDA program is a culmination of the cooperative efforts of industry leaders specializing in the detailing industry. The multi-phased program evaluates and develops a detailer’s technical knowledge and proficiency. Successful completion of the first phase, consisting of ten written exams, will grant the detailer the title of IDA Certified Detailer (IDA-CD).

What is the CD Designation?

The CD designation is a great achievement and demonstrates a basic mastery of the knowledge and applied skills needed by the detailing professional. The pride of earning the CD designation places that detailing professional among a group at the top of their profession.

What does it mean to the consumer?

Ask yourself when you have a busted pipe at your house, do you want a “Professional” or “Un-Professional” plumber to come to your house? Your first thought is to call a professional who will educate you on the services they will perform, fix the issue with certified tools, and recommend any additional work without any extra cost. The same level of professionalism is provided in the detailing industry. We at SS Detailing, take pride in our work and we expect each customer to receive our best work when they drive off.

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