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Why we added Norwex Products to the game.

At Stevens Auto Detailing LLC, we have primarily used IGL products- which are all Eco Friendly. Our decision to bring Norwex into our shop is because Norwex carries products and tools that IGL does not. By doing this, we are able to further achieve our goal of being environmentally friendly, eliminate chemicals and reduce costs. By doing so, we are able to continue on without raising our prices and keep our customers safe from common hazardous chemicals used in most cleaning products.
If you would like to shop Norwex products for yourself and your home, click on any of the pictures below, the hyperlink will bring you to our shop where you too, can help make the world a safer more chemical free place. :)



With every choice we make, we carefully consider the impact it will have on the environment and how it will leave a better planet for future generations. This includes not only what products we cus, but how companies manufacture them, what materials and ingredients they use, and how they package and ship them to us.

Reusable vs. Disposable

Norwex products are created not only to save time and money, but to save the earth as well.

The microfiber cloths and mop pads, dryer balls and stainless steel straws help reduce the use of disposable options like paper towels and mop pads, dryer sheets and plastic straws.

Better for the Planet

The microfiber and cleaning solutions help eliminate the need for harmful chemicals that can seep into the ground and waterways, causing damage to the environment.

Keeping Plastic Out of Landfills

Many of the microfiber products are made from 50% - 91% recycled microfiber yarn—Norwex has repurposed over half a million plastic bottles! And, instead of throwing microfiber at the end of its life into landfills, Norwex even offers the option to convert it into renewable energy through our Microfiber Recycling Program.

Keeping Plastic Out of the Oceans

An estimated 8 million tons of discarded plastic flows into the world’s oceans every year. Norwex's plastic is sourced from qualified suppliers who actually remove plastic from the waste stream before it can enter the ocean. Regular on-site inspections verify the sources of all raw materials.

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